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James T. Drewes

Jim Drewes is more than just a “chip off the old block”. Jim has capitalized upon his father’s interests and experiences and become his own force for good in the financial services industry. After graduating from Indiana University with a degree in Finance and earning an M.B.A. from Southern Methodist University, Jim joined John in 1991 as the firm began expanding its footprint beyond insurance and annuities to include more financial and advisory services.

A true renaissance man, Jim’s deep and varied interests in finance, history, music, horticulture, wine & travel serve him well in understanding both people and the intricate workings of the world’s global economy. Jim’s intellectual heft, combined with his genuine love of serving and helping to improve the financial well-being of his clients and friends, make Jim a trusted and valuable resource for all who know him.

Jim resides in Tampa, Florida and travels frequently serving his diverse clients across the United States.